Clan Members

Clan Members

Foundry Gym

Do you break the mold? Here at Foundry we seek to come up with new ways to test our metal both physically and mentally. If you have the brass to challenge our gym come on down and see if you fit the cast.

Clan Members

Smog Gym

Can you trust your senses? Or have they already been duped? At the Smog Gym you will never know how we attack whether it's slow and methodical or quick and deadly. Be sure to stock up on plenty of antitodes. I hope you've built up a resistance to Iocane powder!

Clan Members

Kombat Gym

Trial by Kombat with Fighting-Types that have punches and kicks so quick and powerful it makes Bruce Lee look like a pushover. Before you know it the referee will annouce "Finish Him!" Time for round one. READY? FIGHT!

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Regen Tänzer Gym

Did you bring your floaties? If not, you're going to need them when we bring the second flood. We specializ in drowning out the competition by sending wave after wave of attacks that wash you away. At least you won't need to bring sunscreen!

Clan Members

Hollow Gym

Don't look behind you! Don't do it! Ah crap what did I tell you? Run! At the Hollow Gym not only do we like to scare our challengers but crush them with the power of ghosts. Right when you think you've gotten away or have a for sure victory we snatch it up. Why did it get so cold all of a sudden?

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Nyx Gym

What goes bump in the night probably jsut ran into you by accident. At Nyx we use the cover of darkness to strike like an assassin before you'd ever notice. Sweet dreams and sleep well...if you can.

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Nefarian Gym

Known throughout history and legend dragons are the most powerful creatures in all of exsistence. You will find no difference here at the Nefarian Gym where these powerful beasts will crush you beneath their strength. There is a reason they are feared and you are about to find out!

Clan Members

Maelstrom Gym

Can you take the heat? In the Maelstrom Gym you will be faced with temperatures over that of a Macargo and a wildfire so out of control you woun't know how to fight it. If you think you can douse this flame good luck; we'll just be letting off a little steam.

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