Completing the Dex for Pokémon X and Y

Completing the Dex for Pokémon X and Y

Completing the Dex for Pokémon X and Y

Completing Your Pokédex

Hello! So you’ve decided you want to complete your Pokédex but it’s already Generation VI how will I ever accomplish this? Well that’s what I’m hear to tell you. For the second time I’ve been in the process of completing the Dex and have mastered it excluding non-obtainable legendaries of course. In this article we will explore various methods in completing your Dex and getting you on your way to catching them all!

Method 1:



There are a couple Pokémon that I have found to be the most effective in catching all Pokémon within the game.

These two Pokemon are specifically Aegislash and Smeargle/Breloom. Now why the need of two Pokémon when Smeargle can easily fulfill all needs? Let me tell you.

Aegislash is a Ghost/Steel type Pokémon and thus isn’t affected by Normal or Fighting-Type moves. So when trying to capture a Pokémon that has already been knocked down to minimal health and uses a move such a Take Down the wild Pokémon can’t faint itself. This fact is especially useful when trying to capture a wild shiny without it fainting. He also has a second use when capturing Dittos but that’s in a future post

As for Smeargle it can learn any variety of moves and in doing so can become the ultimate Pokémon hunter. The move set I deem to be the most useful is: Soak, Spore, False Swipe, and Taunt. Soak is for the Pokémon not affected by Normal-Type moves or have a large defenses and a resistance to them. In using Soak they Become Water-type and are either no longer immune or no longer have a resistance to Normal-Type moves. Spore has the chance to put the opposing Pokémon asleep 100% of the time thus allowing for much easier capture. False Swipe can lower the opposing Pokémons health to 1 if the Pokémon using False Swipe has a high enough attack. Lastly, Taunt is used to stop the wild Pokémon you may be trying to capture from using Recovery moves or status safety moves like Safeguard. EV Training in Attack and Speed are the most beneficial providing the most amount of damage for False Swipe and priority for moving first.

Breloom is an alternative to Smeargle as not only is its attack respectable (and much better than Smeargles) but it also has access to False Swipe and Spore. It does the same thing just without Soak and Taunt for more attack. Parasect can also fill this role but is slower and has a lower base attack.

With access to any of these Pokémon capturing all of the Pokémon in game should be rather easy and completely your Dex shouldn’t take long at all.

Method 2:



So you may have captured every Pokémon in the game but not all final stages of evolution can be caught in the wild. Now you have to go about evolving all of your recently caught Pokémon and you’ll have to grind and grind and grind until they evolve or do you?

If you don’t mind have your Pokémon game accumulate tons of hours you can use the Daycare Lumiose trick. Find two Pokémon you have that have a considerable amount of levels to gain before evolution lets’ say Mienfoo and Pawniard which evolve at levels 50 and 52 respectively. Put those two in the daycare, fly to Lumiose City and ever the circle area. Then either find a piece of strong tape and apply it to one side of your joystick (left or right) and have your avatar ride around on the bicycle while you sleep for the night. One of those black clips you put on chip bags works just as well but use the D-Pad instead and it’ll make your avatar move left. When you wake up the next morning your Pokémon will most likely be in the levels of 70 or 80 and then a quick rare candy will get them to evolve and you won’t have had to use all that time grinding.

Method 3:



There are a few Pokémon within the game that require trade for Evolution. These are easily obtained for those that only need trade for evolution such as Boldore. The Pokémon who do not need items to evolve through trading are: Boldore, Graveler, Gurdurr, Haunter, Kadabra, Karrablast (If traded a Shelmet), Machoke, Phantump and Pumpkaboo.  However there are some Pokémon who need specific items when trading to evolve these Pokémon include:

Clampearl + Deep Sea Tooth = Huntail OR Deep Sea Scale = Gorebyss

Dusclops + Reaper Cloth = Dusknoir

Electabuzz + Electrizer = Electivire

Feebas + Marvel Scale = Milotic

Magmar + Magmarizer = Magmortar

Onix + Metal Coat = Steelix

Poliwhirl + King’s Rock = Politoed

Porygon + Up-Grade = Porygon2

Porygon2 + Dubious Disc = Porygon-Z

Rhydon + Protector = Rhyperior

Scyther + Metal Coat = Scizor

Seadra + Dragon Scale = Kingdra

Slowpoke + King’s Rock = Slowking

Spritzee + Sachet = Aromatisse

Swirlix + Whipped Dream = Slurpuff

Trade Item Locations:

Deep Sea Tooth: Azure Bay, 5% Hold Item Chance on Carvanha, Sharpedo, Huntail, Basculin

Deep Sea Scale: Azure Bay, 5% Hold Item Chance on Chinchou, Lanturn, Gorebyss, Relincanth

Reaper Cloth: Terminus Cave, Battle Maison

Electrizer: Battle Maison

Prism Scale: Lumiose City, Couriway Town

Metal Coat: Pokéball Factory, 5% Hold Item Chance on Magnemite, Magneton, Metang, Bronzong

King’s Rock: Lumiose City, Pickup Level (11-31) 1% Chance, 5% Hold Item Chance on Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed, Hariyama, Hawlucha

Up-Grade: Battle Maison

Dubious Disc: Battle Maison

Protector: Lost Hotel, Battle Maison

Dragon Scale: Terminus Cave, 5% Hold Item Chance on Dratini, Dragonair, Horsea, Seadra

Sachet: Cyllage City, Route 12, Battle Maison

Whipped Dream: Cyllage City, Route 12, Battle Maison

Method 4:



Fire Stone

Vulpix – Ninetales

Growlithe – Arcanine

Eevee – Flareon

Pansear – Simisear


Stone Emporiom in Lumiose City

Route 9

Super Secret Training (Charizard Balloon) (Tyranitar Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Route 9 and 18 (via using Rock Slide on red rocks in battle)

Water Stone

Poliwhirl – Poliwrath

Shellder – Cloyster

Staryu – Starmie

Eevee – Vaporeon

Lombre – Ludicolo

Panpour – Simipour


Route 8

Route 12

Emporium in Lumiose City

Secret Super Training (Blastoise Balloon)  (Tyranitar Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Route 9 and 18 (via using Rock Slide on red rocks in battle)

Thunder Stone

Pikachu – Raichu

Eevee – Jolteon

Eelektrik – Eelektross


Route 10

Route 11

Route 13

Secret Super Training (Stunfisk Balloon)  (Tyranitar Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Route 9 and 18 (via using Rock Slide on red rocks in battle)

Leaf Stone

Gloom – Vileplume

Weepinbell – Victrebel

Exeggute – Exeguttor

Nuzleaf – Shiftfry

Pansage – Simisage


Route 8

Laverre City

Stone Emporium in Lumiose City

Secret Super Training (Venusaur Balloon)  (Tyranitar Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Route 9 and 18 (via using Rock Slide on red rocks in battle)

Moon Stone

Nidorina – Nidoqueen

Nidorino – Nidoking

Clefairy – Clefable

Jigglypuff – Wigglytuff

Skitty – Delcatty

Munna – Musharna


Reflection Cave

Terminus Cave

Secret Super Training  (Hydreigon Balloon)

Found on wild Clefairy and Lunatone (5% Chance)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Pickup ability (Level 41+)

Sun Stone

Gloom – Vileplume

Sunkern – Sunflora

Cottnee – Whimsicott

Petilil – Lilligant

Helioptile – Helioisk


Route 13

Shalour City

Anistar City

Secret Super Training (Hydreigon Balloon)

Found on wild Solrock (5% Chance)

Pickup Ability (Level 31+)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Shiny Stone

Togetic – Togekiss

Roselia – Roserade

Minccino – Cinccino

Floette – Florges


Baa De Mer Ranch

Secret Super Training (Roserade Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Dusk Stone

Murkrow – Honchkrow

Misdreavus – Mismagius

Lampent – Chandelure

Doublade – Aegislash


Laverre City

Terminus Cave

Secret Super Training (Aegislash Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Dawn Stone

Kirlia (Male) – Gallade

Snorunt (Female) – Froslass


Route 3

Secret Super Training (Gallade Balloon)

Route 18 (Inverse Battle Prize)

Method 5:



There are some Pokémon that you can’t get in game and everyone knows how difficult the GTS can be with people asking for ridiculous things such as offering a Caterpie for a Jirachi or something like that. However the GTS can still be used to your advantage. To get some of those Pokémon that you don’t want to throw in the daycare to get to a high enough level to evolve and spend that much more time and money, instead offer some rare Pokémon on the GTS.

Any stater Pokémon work rather well and can get you a variety of fully evolved Pokémon for your Dex. Other Pokémon that may work well are Porygon and Beldum.

Now in order to get some of the rare Pokémon such as Legendaries there is a bit of a trick involved.

Step 1: Obtain a Scyther and attach a Metal Coat to it.

Step 2: Find a friend and have them help you make a Scizor.

Step 3: Put the Scizor up on the GTS and ask for a Yvetal or Xerneas. (The reason you ask for either legendary in X or Y is because they are the most common and sought after if you don’t have either one. Especially by kids in Japan I know from first hand experience. Obtaining this Legendary may take a couple days.)

Step 4:  Retrieve your Yvetal or Xerneas from the GTS and request a different Legendary you don’t currently have.

Step 5: Again in a couple days you should retrieve your desired Legendary.

Method 6:



Sometimes you can be lazy and especially when first filling out your Pokédex Wondertrade can be a viable option for finding Pokémon you might need. Simply either catch random Pokémon or breed some. Preferably if breeding  it is appreciated you one trades rare or starter Pokémon into the Wondertrade.

If there are any other useful ways feel free to comment! This is no easy task but you can do it! Get those charms!

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